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The 5 All time Favourite Pies!

 Are you a pie lover? Then this blog post is going to be a treat for you!

Pies are without doubt one of the most popular form of desserts, loved by young and old alike. Right from being a holiday sweet dish to a comfort food, pies can brighten up your mood in a minute. Pies are popular because they are simple to make and they taste absolutely delicious. Given below are the five most popular varieties of pies that are loved the most!

Apple Pie: Well, no surprise here! This classic variety of pie is a raging favourite. The sweet, crunchy taste of the apples surely wins hearts.

Pecan Pie: For the ones who love nuts, this one’s a clear favourite! Pecans add a different dimension to the sweet taste of this pie. This one too is a classic.

Pumpkin Pie: This is one pie that definitely feels like home! A popular holiday dessert, this is the pie to serve to your guests in the cosy winter months and watch their faces light up with happiness! This pie is simple to make, which also adds on to its appeal.

Lemon Pie: For the ones with a little zesty appetite, lemon pie is the perfect pick! Tangy lemons balance out the sweetness of the pie and make this dessert stand apart. Yet another popular pick by America!

Chocolate Creme Pie: There’s no beating the appeal of good old chocolate! An easy favourite with many, this pie is a definite mood lifter, since chocolates help release endorphins in the body!

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